Bishop John has joined in the sacred ministry in 1986 as an Evangelist of an Island called Manuguluru of Kolleru lake after completion of his secular studies and the Diploma in Theology. He was made Parish Pastor in 1987 and worked there and then he has joined with the Orthodox Church in 1995. Because of his migration to the Orthodox Church, some of the local people blamed, teased and badly treated him.He was very much fed up and prayed by crying…prayed along with his wife and looked up to the Lord for His word whether his entrance to the Priesthood is according to His will or not. God graciously answered him through Isaiah 61:1 :


Then he has again determined that he was really called by God for His sacred service. He is continuing with full of faith and determination and without any hindrances. He was made Bishop under the Anglican Tradition on 12 th February 2005 at ELURU city witnessed by thousands of faithful and the leaders of the Roman Catholic, CSI, Lutheran, Salvation Army, the Pastors’ Association of the City, Doctors Association, Civil and officials etc., Bishop John was inspired by the Lord in the year 1999 itself to start an Ashram which should be a spiritual Centre for meditation, prayer, training of lay missionaries apart from HEALING MINISTRY. He has prayerfully considered and purchased a land of one acre at the foot of a small hill near our Eluru city ( 50 Kms.away from my place ). He thought that the Lord is directing him to start healing ministry as one of the usual spiritual programmes of the Church. He believed that he is not a suitable person to deal with the healing ministry as he is very busy with the administration of schools and churches…and hence he is in search of a suitable person. He has tried 04 pious persons in the diocese. They said sorry. What shall he do ? He has forgotten the CALL up to end of 2006. From December 2006, He has been highly pressurised by the Holy Spirit to start the Healing Ministry immediately. He has started praying for the promise of God. The Lord promised him through Isaiah 45:1, on the Christmas day of the year 2006. Then only Bishop John believed that the Lord is directing him alone to start the Healing Ministry. Instead of searching for others, he has taken the decision to start the Healing Ministry according to the will of God. But he do not know atleast what should be the type of…OR what should be the Order of service for conduct of the Healing Ministry. Again started praying…He has also shared this vision with some of the local Pastors and his friends and requested them to pray and suggest to start the Healing Ministry. Nobody have given any suggessions even just under the guise of his bishopric. He has been praying…praying…the Lord answered him through : I Chronicles 16:4-10

The Lord clearly shown him the Order of service for conduct of Healing Ministry. This was happened during the fasting Friday on 5th January 2007.Praising the Lord by Choir (v.7), thanksgiving (v.8),making known His deeds among the people ( giving witnesses), talk ye all His wondrous works (v.8), let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord (v.10). After completion of the worship, we have to distribute food to the faithful (v.3). SO IT IS SO CLEAR….This is the Order of service shown to Bishop John by God himself.

Surprisingly, on 23 rd January 2007, the President of the Bible Mission of Andhra Pradesh invited Bishop John to participate in their Revival Meetings during 27,28 and 29 th January 2007 at Guntur ( Peda Kaakani ). Bishop John heard of that biggest convention but have no further knowledge. Though it is a short notice, Bishop John has prepared and attended the meeting along with his family and his brother’s family and two of our Board of Trustees on 28th January 2007.He could not believe his eyes. There is a crowd of not less than 8 lakhs. They are expecting 12 lakhs on 29 th ( the last day).Bishop John was invited to the dias and asked to offer the Prayer. After completion of the meeting, and a good lunch, Bishop John was asked to meet the President at his office. Bishop John and his accompanies went to the office of the President. The President told Bishop John the following before all of our people and their office bearers : ” SEE… Bishop, I have not invited you to deliver a message. We have enough best speakers within us. But the Lord directed me to invite you only to observe the meeting, crowd and the arrangements made for…as the Lord is going to use you to hold many number of meetings like this for the Healing Ministry in future.


Then, we have prayerfully planned and started the Healing Ministry from 07 th February 2007. Our present order of service is according to the word of God in I Chro.16:4-10, i.e., Opening Prayer, Praising ( sitting ) and Praising ( standing), Trisagion, Nicene Creed, Prayer for Pardon, Prayer for neighbours, Prayer for enemies, Message, witnesses, chain Prayer, Invocation of Holy Spirit ( praise song inviting the Holy spirit by standing and lifting up the hands), Prayer for Priest, Prayer for their own needs, General Prayer by Bishop John for healing and deliverance. Then starts personal blessing while offerings, the final prayer and benediction. Either yellow rice or Breads are being distributed. you know ? there are ample living witnesses of physical healing, spiritual awareness and delivarence from the devils, witch craft etc., Many people witnesses that they are being healed from physical sickness and being delivered from the devils when they sat before the TV when Bishop John is delivering message and praying for the sick and needy.

There are TWO types of healing. One is NATURAL and the other is DIVINE. The natural healing depends upon the NATUROPATHY
( medicines derived from the nature…what ever the system may be…Allopathy or Homoeopathy etc.,)and the divine healing is according to the word of God.The Church has always practiced the natural healing by establishing hospitals though the divine healing is at hand. The natural healer may heal the body temporarily where as the divine healer heals both body and spirit.

We can find a living example at : ACTS 8 : 9-24 ( Simon and Philip) and hence there is dair need for divine healing for the world. To become a natural healer, he has to be trained in the colleges and his knowledge is according to the written books but to become a divine healer, he has to be submitted to the Lord and to be trained under the guidance of the Holy spirit and his knowledge is according to the Holy scriptures.

So it is good for the people to go for divine healing and this spiritual practice is no way against to any doctrinal beliefs of the Church.

Now, in the precoius name of Jesus… Bishop John is conducting the Healing Ministry, praying for the sick, driving out the devils within seconds and the Lord is doing miracles in the lives of people when he prays.

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” – St. Mark 16:15.

The Church has started the evangelical programme through the Television called

( Helapuri Cable Vision Network ), an ELURU city based network from 12 th November, 2005.

The Telecast is on every SATURDAY during 8:00 to 8:30 P.M.,in TELUGU language.

Bishop JOHN SD Raju is delivering heart-touching messages and pray for the sick and needy which touches around 100 neighbouring villages apart from ELURU city.

The speciality of this programme is :

This is only the programme in which a traditional Bishop is delivering messages. There are TV programmes but only by the independent (almost individual)churches. None of the traditional churches i.e., Roman Catholic, Church of South India, Lutheran, Methodist, Salvation Army, Baptist, are not conducting any Television programme. But all the faithful of these churches are appreciating the programme.

This programme is purely being run based on FREEWILL offerings of the faithful. As we have no studio of our own at present( as we could not afford to make it as it costs about Rs.2 laks, i.e., US $ 4,500 ), the Bishop and the Anchor is personally going to the studio of the SITI CABLE and recording the messages there itself. We need US $ 60 towards the cost of one EPISODE.

We humbly request the FAITHFUL to kindly extend your helping hand to erect a studio of our own and to continue the ARADHANA programme for saving many number of souls.

Banking particulars :

State Bank of India,R.R.Pet Branch (9771),
ELURU, India, Online A/C No:30016878474.

Your loving and prayerful donations may be drawn in the name of DAIVARADHANA and

Sent to :

Bishop N.JOHN SD Raju, ICM Church Compound,
Opp:ASR Stadium, ELURU-534 005,
Andhra Pradesh,INDIA