The Mercy homes  ( Orphanages ) for boys and girls are being run at ICM Church Compound, Eluru, West Godavary District, Andhra Pradesh, South India  with the help of donors.  Now we have 24 boys and 16 girls in the homes. They are aged from 7 to 14 years. Many of them are totally Orphans (parents less) and some are semi-Orphans and from broken homes ( patients of AIDS / HIV ). The Mercy homes are providing them total care, shelter, education, clothes,  love and Religion and everything they needs.

We need sponsors to sponsor the children. Your generous decision will change a child’s life and fill with cheers.

You may contact the Superintendent for details – 

Mrs.Rosy John Nakka at :,


Phone : +91 8812 220074, Fax : +91 8812 231146.

Mobiles : 0949292001, 9492920002.