The Diocese of North East India was promulgated by a unanimous resolution of the Governing Body of the Episcopal Missionary Diocese of Eluru on 5 th January of the year of our Lord 2012.

This is the bifurcation of the Episcopal Missionary Diocese of Eluru.The existing Churches ( both organized and young ) in 04 districts of Tripura which are now under the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Missionary Diocese of Eluru  comes under this new Diocese. This Diocese may extend its jurisdiction throughout all the North Eastern States of India. This is the THIRD diocese of the India Christian Mission Church.

This new Diocese is nothing but mostly a Diocese of Tribal people for which a native tribe was made Bishop- A HISTORICAL EVENT !!!

This has the approval of the Primate of the India Christian Mission Church-at-large – His Grace The Most Revd.Dr..John SD Raju Nakka

The Vicar General stationed in Tripura from the year 2005, The Very Rev.Dr.Nibedan Reang  ( John ) was elected unanimously  to be the Bishop for the new Diocese

Tripura is a state in the north eastern part of India, next to Bangladesh. It is situated in one of the poorest parts of Asia.

Rice growing and allied activities is the mainstay of the people of Tripura and provides employment to about 64% of the population. There is a preponderance of food crop cultivation over cash crop cultivation in Tripura. Paddy is the principal crop, followed by oilseed, pulses, potato, and sugarcane. Tea and rubber are the important cash crops of the State. Its indigenous minority population is mainly animist and live in the rural areas, while the majority of the urban dwellers are recent migrants from Bangladesh.

Tripura has a total population of 3,191,168. Bengalis represent almost 70% of Tripura’s population and the native tribal populations represent 30% of Tripura’s population.

The tribal population comprises several different tribes and ethnic groups with diverse languages and cultures with the largest tribal group being the Kokborok tribes of the Tripuri (16% of the state’s population), the Jamatia, the Reang, and the Noatia tribal communities. There is some tension between these native tribal populations and Bengali settlers in tribal areas.

The gospel is reaching the Reang people group of hill tribes and they are come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in large numbers.  Bishop Nibedan  Reang, the mission leader in Tripura, has had great success the reaching the rural villagers with the gospel of Christ.

Much more can be done if we, as Christians, are able to support our Reang brothers and sisters in Christ in their work . All our church workers are volunteers, who have to farm  a small piece of land to feed their families, or take low paying part time jobs.


The poor faithful of this diocese  are badly in need of our LOVE and PRAYERS .

They have no minimum education, no proper clothing, no secured housing and no enough man days even to work . They are really suffering a lot. Bishop Nibedan Reang is the pioneer for the upliftment of these unfortunate tribes. He is marvelously working for the evangelization among these poor hill tribes and making them to go to the Churches and Schools and making them to learn some skills live.

We need to support these unfortunted brothers and sisters for their social change.

Bishop Nibedan Reang has a handsome and spirit filled team of Evangelists and Pastors who works tirelessly for these poor people.

Let us give him a helping hand for assisting this poor Evangelists and Pastors for their monthly support and for the poverty alleviation of the poor faithful and for the provision of Bibles in their dialect.

You can contact the Bishop directly at the below Bishop’s House address.

Will you help them in this endeavor? These workers are our “hands and feet”. We can do missions by empowering them. If you feel a burden for this noble ministry, let the Holy Spirit guide you as to how much to give.

If you can only give a one time gift, it will be gratefully appreciated.

Cheques payable to :Anglican Orthodox Church  and indicate for:  India Tripura Ministry. Postal address : P O Box 128, Statesville, NC -28687, U.S.A., (Tax receipts will be provided at year end).

Or you can send donations directly to India –

contact Bishop Nibedan Reang at  or

The Primate of the Church Bishop John at

Diocese of North East India

Diocesan Head Office :

Bishop’s House,

Gowrangapara, Damcherra P.O,

North Tripura District, Tripura,

North East India.