India Christian Mission Church is ONE (Romans 12:5), HOLY (Ephe 5:22-27), UNIVERSAL ( St.Matt 28:19,20, Acts 9:31 ) and APOSTOLIC ( Eph2:19, Acts 1:15-26 and 2:42 ) Church under valid Apostolic Succession of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and the Anglican lineages having the Primatial SEE at Eluru, India.

The Church was formed by the late lamented Revd.Arthur S. Paynter ( of County family of Cornwall )from the Parish of Bicester of Church of England, Oxfordshire, England on 1st November 1897 AD  at Almora District of Uttar Pradesh State of North India  in association with the Revd.H.M.Greet  of the same Parish and Mr.Grundy.

The ICM is headquarterd at ELURU, India and has Chapters in US,  England,  Canada, Sri Lanka and Switzerland in which Sri lanka is a major Chapter. The late Mr.Kali Charan Benarji, the first President of the National Congress Party of India  is one of the major pioneers  who assisted Fr.Paynater in extending the Church.

The Mission in India  has grown, full pledged Parishes were formed, number of Schools and the Social Work Projects were established. Then   Head Quarters of ICM in Eluru, India  has granted AUTONOMY to the India Christian Mission functioning in India as on the year 2000, under re-constitution as India Christian Mission Church by an unanimous resolution  and it came into existence from 22 nd March 2000. So this part of ICM is now an Autonomous Church.

The existing Mission in Sri Lanka, US, England, Canada and Switzerland and the other new Mission parts in India , forming up after March 2000, are coming under the Head Quarters of ICM in ELURU. Now the ICM Church is also head quartered at ELURU, Andhra Pradesh, South India. The Most Revd.Dr.John SDR Nakka is the PRIMATE of the Church. The Church has Five Dioceses, viz., the Diocese of Krishna Godavary,  the Episcopal Missionary Diocese of Eluru, The Diocese of North East India,  the Diocese of West Bengal and the Diocese of US / Canada. We have Mission Centers in Uttarakhand of North India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Africa. We have seekers groups and Mission programs at Bombay of Maharastra and at Punjab  States of North India.The Church has obtained APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION through the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches as The Most Revd.Dr.Duraisingh James and the other Anglican Bishops Consecrated the Bishops of the ICM Church during the years 2004 and 2005 witnessed by thousands of faithful, Mayor of the city, Public Representatives, Burocrats,the faithful and the  Clergy from the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, CSI, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Baptists, Pentecostals and the Pastors Association of the city.

The ICM Church is now existed with 226 congregations,  26 Primary Schools and 02 Secondary Schools  ( recognised by the State), 01 Tailoring and Embroidary School for women, 01 Computer Literacy Project, 01 Theological College & Seminary and 01 Medical Mission. The Church is running a monthly by name AARAADHANA (=worship ), a Television Programme by name AARAADHANA. We have Healing Festival on all 2 nd Saturdays at ELURU.